A common problem faced in datagridview is how to format the date in the grid, here is a small way to do it:

Private Sub dataGridView1_CellParsing(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DataGridViewCellParsingEventArgs)

If e.ColumnIndex = 0 Then

Dim [date] As String = DirectCast(e.Value, String)


Dim month As String = [date].Substring(0, 2)

Dim day As String = [date].Substring(2, 2)

Dim year As String = [date].Substring(4, 4)

e.Value = New DateTime(Convert.ToInt32(year), Convert.ToInt32(month), Convert.ToInt32(day))

e.ParsingApplied = True
Catch ex As Exception

MessageBox.Show(“parsing error!”)

End Try

End If
End Sub